From Elizabeth on May 23, 2014 at 11:51AM

Well floks another long weekend and hopefully time to get into the garden and get all our borders, pots and baskets ready for a glorious flourish of colour for the Summer

With this in mind we have taken in a bumper selection of fabulous bedding plants that are all grown and hardened off locally to withstand our climate and ready to plant out now

We have -:
Tom Thumbs (Nasturtiums) – red and also yellow with a red tip
Ivy leaf Geranium – red
standard Geranium – pink
Begonias – red
Surfina – lilac
Osteospermum – purple
Petunias – lilac and pink
Lobelia – purple and light blue
Trailing Lobelia – Saphire blue, light blue, lilac
Nemesia – royal blue
Sanvitalia – Aztec gold
Double Petunias – mixed
Livingstone Daisies – mixed
Lavender plants – blue

All plants can be seen at Harbour Blooms but a selection will also be available at Hopeman Post Office for you to take home with you

Larger orders can be delivered for your convenience

So lets get planting for a rainbow of Summer colour 🙂 🙂

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